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The Winemakers

The genius and the teachings of the master oenologist Giacomo Tachis, whose creed was "light and mood (terroir) of Sicily allow to successfully cultivate any grape variety, knowing how to do it" still lead the winemakers of Feudi del Pisciotto.
Every plant in the vineyards of the company is looked after and pampered like a true prodigy of nature. The winemakers raise the vines with meticulous care, which contribute in an important way to the excellence of the final product: the wine of Feudi del Pisciotto.

Our Vision & Mission

Nature, sustainability and social commitment

The excellence of the wines from the Feudi del Pisciotto winery is the result of careful studies, passion and dedication. Respecting the vision of the Castellare di Castellina Domains, created by Paolo Panerai with the aim of producing wine of the best possible quality, naturalness and sustainability are the creed of Feudi del Pisciotto's winemaking.

In full respect of the philosophy of the Dominio Castellare group of Castellina, of which Feudi del Pisciotto is the first Sicilian company to be part, and consistently with the vision of environmental sustainability, the company has also promoted a commitment to social and art towards Sicily: a land rich in history, culture and great artistic heritage.


Alessandro Cellai

the successor of Tachis

Alessandro Cellai is the head winemaker of the four DCC estates, but also the overall head of the company as managing director and general manager. Alessandro studied oenology at the Istituto Tecnico of Siena and chemistry at the University of Florence. He is also a doctor in agrarian studies honoris causa. When Paolo Panerai chose him for Castellare di Castellina he was 28 years old, with a great passion for viticulture and oenology passed down from his farming grandfather. Alessandro immediately agreed with the decision taken by the owners of the new Castellare winery – inaugurated just a year after his arrival – to follow tradition and a philosophy of not making wine with mixed blends of indigenous and international grape varieties. By appointing him as his successor Tachis enabled him to benefit from his own experience, acquired through 50 years of harvests that led to the Renaissance of Italian oenology. Alessandro, who before the age of 40 was named best young winemaker for four years in a row in Canada and other countries, personally oversees exports to the major overseas markets, from the US to Russia.

Marco Parisi

the project: recovery of various indigenous grape varieties

A young graduate from Palermo, he gained his degree in viticulture and oenology at Marsala. He completed his studies with a postgraduate diploma in Asti and a Masters degree in Lisbon. Several working collaborations with the university enabled him to increase his winemaking expertise, also enriched by various experiences abroad. He then decided to return to Sicily to put his acquired experience into practice, working for a number of important Sicilian wineries. At the end of 2006 he joined Feudi del Pisciotto to oversee the vineyards and the winery. His experiences in South Africa in creating a modern vine cuttings nursery have enabled him to develop an ongoing project at Feudi for the recovery of various indigenous grape varieties.


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